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1. Sealing tool

Sealing tool:
Packing tools, packing knife
Gasket cutter. Gasket punch set, O-ring splicing kit

Packing Tool
Description:Handle packing maintenance
Flexible shaft: L7-1/2”, 11” , 14 1/2” per 2pcs
Solid shaft: L10” with dia. 3.5mm,5.0mm, 8.0mm per 1 pc
Corkscrew: S/M/L per 3pcs
Woodscrew: S/M/L per 1pcs
Wrench: 1pc
Rustproof box: 1pc
Packing Knife: on request

Packing Knife
Description:Cut packing
High quantity stainless steel ;
Peach wood handle;
Can be order together with packing tool.

Injection Gun
Description:The injection gun utilizes a button-head or flow-through fitting which is permanently installed on the pump or valve stuffing box.
Since it requires no electricity, this injection gun can be used anywhere to replenish sealant easily and conveniently.

Guillotine Packing Ring Cutter
Description:Guillotine Packing Ring Cutter, Professional results every time.
1" max. packing size – 4" max. shaft size.
1" max. packing size – 10" max. shaft size.

Gasket Cutter
Description:Cut non-metallic gasket,Finish Inner and outer dia. In same time
With double knives
Max. outer dia. 750mm
Category:   Industrial Supply
Apparel & Footwear

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2. Offshore Quality Consultant Services (HK) Ltd.

OQCS is established in March 2006, OQCS is a rapidly growing consulting and inspection service firm. Established and operated by an expert that has more than 10 years cross industry manufacturing experience in low cost countries.

OQCS consultant team is consisted of multinational experts and has clients from China, Indonesia, Thailand, Great Britain, Spain, USA and Canada.

OQCS inspectors are spread all over China to ensure area coverage and consisted of staffs from cross industries. The products handled include but are not limited to: computer components, handheld electronics, lightings products, LED products, toys and wooden products.

Join our discussion forum. We provide free advice online on anything related to manufacturing.
Category:   Services > Management
Machinery > By Industry > Electronics
Apparel & Footwear

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