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1. Sealing tool

Sealing tool:
Packing tools, packing knife
Gasket cutter. Gasket punch set, O-ring splicing kit

Packing Tool
Description:Handle packing maintenance
Flexible shaft: L7-1/2”, 11” , 14 1/2” per 2pcs
Solid shaft: L10” with dia. 3.5mm,5.0mm, 8.0mm per 1 pc
Corkscrew: S/M/L per 3pcs
Woodscrew: S/M/L per 1pcs
Wrench: 1pc
Rustproof box: 1pc
Packing Knife: on request

Packing Knife
Description:Cut packing
High quantity stainless steel ;
Peach wood handle;
Can be order together with packing tool.

Injection Gun
Description:The injection gun utilizes a button-head or flow-through fitting which is permanently installed on the pump or valve stuffing box.
Since it requires no electricity, this injection gun can be used anywhere to replenish sealant easily and conveniently.

Guillotine Packing Ring Cutter
Description:Guillotine Packing Ring Cutter, Professional results every time.
1" max. packing size – 4" max. shaft size.
1" max. packing size – 10" max. shaft size.

Gasket Cutter
Description:Cut non-metallic gasket,Finish Inner and outer dia. In same time
With double knives
Max. outer dia. 750mm
Category:   Industrial Supply
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2. 上海易舜冰袋有限公司

Category:   Industrial Supply

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3. Cenchi

Guangzhou Cenchi Interactive Play Co., Ltd.
With nearly 15 years of water experience, Cenchi is a leader in splash park playground equipment and design, fabrication and construction, especially in the creation of imaginative and innovative new water experiences. Discover the splash play difference and connect the world through the joy of water! We believe that it makes the planet more livable and socially just. Cenchi thrills for the whole family. The children and their parents, the friends can splash or rest and relax at our thoughtfully-designed spalsh parks, splash pads and commercial fountains. We re imagine ordinary spaces and transform them into fun for everyone. Cenchi is dedicated to keeping youthful hearts entertained by providing the creative depth your splash pad needs.

We focus on designing interactive spray park and splash pad products, from contemporary design to fun theme, from freestanding water structures(joint swimming pool water slides, wet deck playground, small arch jet water fountain) to water management solutions. Our full suite of water products provide an inclusive, sensory-rich play experience in water for children of all ages and abilities. Even more, we focus on improving the apply of stainless steel, fiberglass, PMMA plexi-board and GFRC materials. The outstanding thing is the integrated recirculation systems that provides a sustainable solution that empowers activity hours without water consumption limits.

Cenchi Waterplay construct the projects including public, irrigation parks, hotels and housing developments, kids parks, swimming club and entertainment park. Our consultants are knowledgeable, and can help guide you step-by-step through product pricing, specifications, customization, maintenance and more.
And most importantly, the most fun to the family, to the friends, to the teams! Our passion is to promote joy, learning, socialization, and healthy area through unique aquatic play experiences. Lets Cool off this summer!
Category:   Industrial Supply

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